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15 Alternative Non-Office 9-5 Jobs

Have you been tired of waking up before 8 am every day? It can be pretty tiring to keep the same routine for years, and doing this can even diminish your passion for your work in time. Not only is it physically taxing, but it can also exhaust you mentally and emotionally, effectively causing burnout.

Without enough time for yourself, you wouldn’t even be able to engage in the things you love一or, at least, used to. Developing your skills or even finding a new hobby have become luxuries that you wouldn’t be able to afford when you’re working long and tiring shifts. Essentially, you would be risking your health and wellbeing, but what if you had the option to be more flexible?

It’s no secret that the internet has opened so many doors for employers, entrepreneurs, and self-employed workers alike. Even if you’re none of those above, you can still explore new possibilities that you never would’ve considered otherwise. You have the options, and these are not as inaccessible as you think. Here are 15 alternative non-office 9-5 jobs to help kickstart your journey if you want to begin.

Some of the Most Popular Jobs that aren’t 9-5

Virtual Assistant

If you have a laptop, a phone, and a stable internet connection, you can consider looking for a virtual assistant position online. You wouldn’t need to go to the company building just to be on-call for work: you can be an assistant from the comfort of your home. 

The average pay for virtual assistants is significantly higher than that of ordinary ones, so it is really a great alternative to working in an office. You can earn more or less $39,972 per year. Above that, you wouldn’t really need to pay for transportation costs at all! 

The typical work assigned to virtual assistants consists of organizational tasks. You would have to answer emails and calls, book appointments, and even write emails to contact external forces in the industry. It actually depends on your clients’ jobs一you’d have to adjust and learn more about their work to help them execute whatever it is that they need. You are a virtual “assistant,” after all.


If you have a knack for writing engaging paragraphs that could encourage an audience, you can definitely monetize your skills and become a writer. This work is one of the most commonly outsourced jobs that aren’t 9-5, and you can also work online from your home.


While it is a job with flexible hours, you would need to be incredibly persistent and creative. Copywriting is essentially copying the content of another person’s work and writing it in your own words. Most would go as far as making them better一more engaging, informative, and keyword-efficient. Do not expect this job to be easy and stress-free; you’d definitely need to put in your maximum amount of effort into all of your outputs to make them somewhat unique.


If you’re passionate about your interests, you can share your knowledge on these and attract a viewership online. You can definitely create or join a community, and you’d earn money from online web traffic and viewership. Companies can also ask you to endorse your products if you’re well-known enough, but that doesn’t come easily. You have to start from the bottom and persistently work your way up.

Content Writer

If you prefer informational articles, you can do your own research and compile various data into your work. You can also create a blog and earn money from traffic or sell these to clients in particular industries. One of the best ways to be successful and avoid burnout in this career is to choose a niche that you’re genuinely interested in so that you’d have enough motivation and creativity flowing through your veins.

Self-employed Web Designer

If you’re a corporate web designer who wants more free time to yourself, you can explore job opportunities outside of your company. You can use your previous experience and knowledge of basic programming, user-interface (UI) design, and user experience (UX) design to offer services to older companies, start-ups, and even individual bloggers. 

This work would imply that your company of employment wouldn’t restrict you, but you would need to know how to utilize your network and contacts in order to be successful. You’d have to look for your own customers and try to win them over in the competitive design industry.

Once you’ve created a stable network and position, though, you can earn around $56,706 per year, and you wouldn’t need to worry about office rent. That is, of course, if you want to be independent.

Social Media Manager

If you think that you have what it takes to create, grow, and manage a social media account for businesses and public figures, you can become a social media manager. Especially as social media has become pretty prevalent in contemporary times, a lot of companies would want to transition into social media marketing.  

You can simply engage with those in your online community, post regularly, and answer direct messages from your phone. These aren’t things that you probably don’t already do, so why not try to monetize them? It’s an easy way to earn money online, and all you really have to do is be tech-savvy and friendly. 

Moreover, because this type of work doesn’t necessarily require an immense amount of focus and time, this can be one of the best jobs for stay at home parents. You can look after your children, do the household chores, and accomplish your online tasks all at once!

Personal Trainer

A lot of the personal trainers in the industry do work 9-5 shifts, but you can definitely be an exemption if you can market yourself and already have a network. You wouldn’t be stuck in your gym office waiting for clients to come up to you anymore. Instead, you can schedule your own time and set your own rates. 

Through this, you would do all that you already have been in your 9-5 job while connecting with your clients personally, finding new hobbies and skills, and even joining other communities outside of the gym industry.

Campaign Manager

If you have previous marketing skills and experience, you can become a campaign manager for companies and politicians alike. You’d have to create and construct effective campaign strategies both online and offline, and you’d essentially help them grow their images.

This type of work requires a lot of research and people skills, so you’d really have to get yourself out there for your clients to see an actual difference in their public standing. It seems easy enough to devise a plan in the era of social media, but you must put in sufficient effort to have the best results and impressions.


The majority of people would rather choose to hire someone to do what they think are tedious and boring tasks. These include filing taxes, data entry, and other organizational and mandatory responsibilities. If you’re already a bookkeeper or tax accountant, this type of work would not be new to you.

You can become a personal bookkeeper of dozens of individuals at once, and you’d be able to gather more than what you would earn from a regular office job. Moreover, you can even work from home and not have to be burdened with your own tax and travel expenses, which makes bookkeeping a solid alternative to corporate jobs.

Personal Make-up Artist

You don’t have to be a trained professional to become a make-up artist: you just have to be incredibly skilled and patient with your work. You will be engaging with clients who are very particular with their looks that you, as their make-up artist, have to execute very well. There isn’t a fixed schedule for this since you can be on-call per appointment, so your time will be in your hands.

Private Chef

Being in a professional kitchen from 9-5 prepping, cooking, and cleaning up constantly can very quickly drain both your body and state of mind. Many professional chefs actually lose their passion for cooking in a regular, structured, and unchanging menu set-up, so you can consider becoming a private chef instead.

Here, you can explore and experiment with new recipes all the time, and you also have your time for yourself. If it’s by appointment, you can literally prep an hour before a service, and you’d be done for the day. You wouldn’t need to keep up with the stressful and fast-paced environment in restaurants.

Music Creator

You don’t have to be exceptionally talented at singing to be part of the music industry. If you have a passion for songwriting, you can definitely just write songs for artists and get commissioned and accredited for it. Put your name out there, and you’d be just as known as other famous artists.

If you know how to play certain instruments really well, you can also do the music scoring and instrumentals for songs. The music industry is so vast, and you can, no doubt, find your place in it if you continue to find more opportunities and improve yourself in a fast-paced environment.

Social Media Influencer

Social media has grown exponentially in the past few years, and countless individuals have taken advantage of their audience to earn money. If you have the creative mind to regularly create some engaging content and gather a wide enough audience, you can definitely make money in time.

The social media platforms can directly pay you for viewership and online traffic, but you can also earn money off sponsorships and companies. They could ask you to advertise their products to your audience. You just need to have a pleasing personality that can attract and influence people’s attention.


If you know how to take a risk, you can start your own business from scratch. Doing this would entail a lot of investment, connections, and brand-new ideas, so you really have to be perseverent and somewhat sure of what you’re getting into. 

For starters, you can start an online shop as this would generally be less expensive, but if you’re already taking it to the next level, you can rent out a place right away. You’d just need specific products and services and a steady supply of them to begin and be stable in your business.

In time, you will need to hire more employees and gather a workforce to build the brand since you wouldn’t be able to continue this alone. More than that, you will eventually have to file a bunch of government-related documents and other required records once the business has grown.

Affiliate Marketer

You don’t need to start a whole business just to earn from products and services. There are so many affiliate marketplaces online wherein you can sign-up, and you can even reach out to the companies themselves. This type of work wouldn’t usually need investment at the beginning as well, which already clears a lot of risk and hesitation.

Affiliate marketing entails that you will market another’s product and get a share of the total income. You will just have to do your research, create a platform, and reach out to the community. Just like a business, you have to pick a niche you’d like to focus on and expand out of it over time. Doing this can help you stay grounded and consistent in your branding.


You can monetize your talent in creating engaging designs and works through landing a freelance artist position or getting commissioned for your art. There are so many ways you can market yourself on social media, and you can even reach out to companies outsourcing people like you.

These types of jobs are susceptible to scams, though, so you have to take safety precautions and measures to make sure that your clients are legitimately paying. Some ways to do that are to work and get paid in intervals so that you can slowly get the funds for your service, or you can ask for a downpayment for your work. If your client is genuine about their request, they will understand and approve of your conditions.

Traditional Artist

If you’re great at sketching, colouring, or painting traditionally, you can look for clients who are planning events or redecorating their spaces. They can give you a list of descriptions that they’d want in a particular artwork, and you can execute it for them while getting paid in the process! 

Digital Artist

Unlike traditional artists, you wouldn’t need to worry about material expenses and shipping: you just have to send your clients the artwork online! But, we suggest that you create a watermark so that others cannot steal your ideas and works. It’s effortless to spread and share online content, so beware of possible imitators. 

Visual Designer

If you’re skilled at photo or video editing, this job is for you! You can find clients who want their images to be enhanced or raw clips to be compiled and do the work for them! Like artists, you have to be wary of possible scams and imitators in this industry.

Photo Editor

You can work as a marketer for companies and edit their products to look visually appealing to the audience. Aside from that, you can also be a personal editor for individuals and enhance the lighting, crop out unwanted images, blur out backgrounds, and so many more! 

Video Editor

You can work in the events industry and edit some wedding and birthday videos for clients, or you can also reach out to online vloggers who want to improve the quality of their videos. You’d need to add transitions, snip out mistakes, or even add graphics to raw clips given to you. 




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