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About Us

Welcome to IncomeStreams!

This website was created after I learned how to make money online. I taught myself how to design websites, perform SEO audits, and write advertisement copy. During this process, I realized a few things. And one that always stuck with me is how overpriced and scummy “gurus” are. Instead, I’m going to provide all of their methods for free or at a low cost. Instead of paying thousands to learn how to start a website from a Guru, you can just read our blogs and do it yourself!

We are a blog that offers incredible financial education to all of our readers. Instead of encouraging the traditional 9-5 way of work and life, we are giving our readers means to break free from the rat race. Study our guides and learn how to become a freelancer, monetize your social media platform, or grow your YouTube channel.

As the world resets from Covid-19, many people are struggling to find a job. Businesses were wiped out as a result of the pandemic and many people have lost their careers. Many have struggled to find any sort of work and are often wondering what else is out there. If that is the case for you, it’s time to start following IncomeStreams.

Income Streams is a Canadian website that is changing the way most people think about employment. We encourage and teach people to become freelancers, partake in affiliate marketing, and explore other unique forms of work to generate passive income. We have an active Facebook group. which is designed to help people identify their strengths and find opportunities that they’ll be able to make money from. helps by providing training, resources, and courses on how to generate income in multiple ways.

We are hoping to foster an online community where people can learn how to make money through blogging, streaming, or social media. We want to help others reap the benefits of a steady paycheck without all the hassles of conventional employment.

Currently, Some of our online money-making guides that will teach you:

  • How to start a website and monetize it
  • How to grow a social media following
  • How to go viral on Tiktok
  • How to make money streaming
  • How to make money through investing
  • How to find alternative job options
  • How to become a freelancer
  • How to resell your favorite products
  • How to generate passive income affiliate marketing
  • And just about anything else!

On top of guides, we also have a detailed review section. In our reviews, we take a detailed look at products or services and will outline if they are legit or not. For instance, our article on “Is Upwork Legit?” is one of our most popular.

To learn more about us, read this press release from Benzinga.