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Blue Yeti vs Snowball – What is Best for Streaming?

2021 Blue Yeti vs Snowball Comparison

The Blue Yeti microphone and Snowball microphone are two of the most popular mics. For good reason, they produce awesome sound quality and they make you look cool on stream. But what are the differences between these two products? Here is everything you need to know about Blue Yeti vs Snowball.

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The blue yeti microphone is much more expensive. The snowball microphone is more affordable and comparable to other mics.


The snowball microphone comes with a durable carrying case, two foam windscreens and a flex arm stand while the blue yeti does not have any of these accessories.


The sound quality of both microphones is excellent which is the same for most high-end microphones but the snowball mic has a “smoother” sound when compared to the Blue Yeti model.


The two microphones have very similar warranty policies. The blue yeti microphone has a warranty of one year, while the snowball microphone has a shorter warranty period of six months.

Additional Features

Both microphones provide the same range of features. The blue Yeti microphone has a headphone jack and an integrated stand, while the snowball microphone is slightly different with a headphone jack and a standard 3.5 mm input.


The snowball microphone is made of aluminum, it feels tough but at the same time light. It comes in silver/black colors and has a decent weight to it compared to other mics including the Blue Yeti which is made of heavy plastic and doesn’t have much weight to it. Both microphones are designed in much the same way with an integrated stand, metal grill cover and easily accessible volume control knob.

Which Microphone is best for Streaming?

They both deserve the same title of best microphones for streaming. They are both high-end, great quality, and have very similar features. If you are on a budget, then the snowball microphone is a cheaper option but if you have money to blow then it is hard to go wrong with the Blue Yeti microphone especially with that one-year warranty versus the six months offered by snowball microphones.


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