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How Old Do You Have to Be to Have a PayPal in Canada?

How old do you have to be to have a PayPal in Canada? This depends on a few different factors. In this article, we will explain the age requirement and why Canadians prefer to use Paypal.

Paypal is a convenient online platform where you can transfer your money to anyone from all across the globe. It’s essentially a digital alternative to physical money一checks, coins, and bills.  Established in 2002, almost two decades ago, PayPal Holdings, Inc. has ranked 182nd in revenue in Forbes’ Fortune 500 Companies 2020. It has also garnered over 377 million active users internationally, making it one of the top eWallets in the global market. Thanks to its popularity across the website, paypal serves as a global online bank for many Canadians. But is it accessible to everyone? 

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Why do people use PayPal?

You can use it anywhere and anytime you want! As long as you have a stable internet connection, you can access parts of your savings through a simple click in the app. You don’t even need to open up a bank account just to save your money; you can just create an account in PayPal and access your funds more easily! 

Spending and sending money is also simplified as you can send your digital money to whomever you want, just as long as they also have an account. You can also pay with it, depending on which store you’re buying from, but more often than not, the store will have the option to use it since PayPal is already a widely-used platform.

When you’re out of cash or have lost your wallet, you can use PayPal as a source of money in times of emergency! You never know what can happen, and having some digital money just on your phone is an excellent way to secure your finances and stay safe!

More than that, PayPal is also a popular platform amongst freelancers and part-timers since it has already reached so many countries worldwide. PayPal allows you to communicate and engage with people internationally: you can work with and for clients online, and you can quickly get paid without having to go through the process of international banking. Paypal also has a money conversion system, so you can automatically receive and send out the money in whichever currency you want!

How Old Do You Have to Be to Have a PayPal in Canada?

PayPal requires you to have a social insurance number and bank account for when you want to withdraw your funds. They also want to make sure that you’re a legal adult in your country of residency to avoid violating child protection laws in some regions of the world. They follow the general guideline of 18 as the universal legal age. How old do you have to be to have a PayPal in Canada? Only canadian citizens with a valid SIN and above 18 years of age can create accounts and withdraw funds. 

Can you change your date of birth on PayPal?

You cannot fake your age as you have to input your legal name and birthday in creating an account. You also need valid identification cards to verify that you’re a legitimate citizen when opening a PayPal, so it would be nearly impossible to get away with faking your age. It’s inadvisable to even attempt to as PayPal has a security system that can block you from its platform一you wouldn’t be able to use it for a long time.

If you’ve only input the wrong date of birth and wish to change it, you can contact PayPal’s customer service so that they can help you through the process. You would have to present a valid ID as well to help them verify the new date. 

What do I do when I’m under 18 and can’t open a PayPal account?

Open a bank account with your guardian’s consent

It all depends on your country’s law, but minors’ legal age to open a bank account is 14 in Canada. If you’re 14 to 17 years old, you can ask your guardian or parent to open up a bank account for you. You just wouldn’t be able to have full access and services to your money: for example, you wouldn’t be able to have your own checkbook, and you probably can’t withdraw your money without telling your guardian about it. 

Use your guardian’s PayPal account

If you don’t want to go through the whole process of opening up a bank account, you can have all the features of PayPal by temporarily using your guardian’s or family member’s account. Just make sure to tell them about what’s going on in your career so that they can monitor your funds accordingly. 

Getting a local digital wallet alternative

You can start small and grow more prominent when you turn 18! There are many other options for local eWallets, and some don’t require you to be 18 to create an account. All you need to do is communicate to your client before doing anything else to make sure that they’re alright with that set-up. Just find a local client, too, so that they can create their own account on the same platform. 

Consider exploring job opportunities offline

If you really can’t access the ways mentioned above, you can try looking for offline and physical opportunities to earn. There are many internships and part-time jobs for minors like you around, so you just have to make sure that these are safe and reliable companies and clients. 

You can also start offering your services to the people around you. Whether you’re good at drawing, writing, or even tutoring, there will surely be people who need your help! You just have to find those skills that you want to monetize and take advantage of your connections. 

Focus on skill-building

If you aren’t too confident about manually finding gigs offline, you can first take the time to build on your skills. By doing this, you can be sure that you’re already at intermediate to expert level by the time you turn 18. Remember that more people would probably purchase your products or invest in your skills when they see that you’re great at what you do! You can consider skill-building as an investment for yourself in the meantime. It’s not at all a waste of time. 



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