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How to Make Money as a Teen – 20 Easy Ways

The majority would think that working to earn money is an “adult thing” that cannot be done by children or teenagers. After all, we all have various priorities at different stages in our lives, but if you’re a teen who wants to save up for college or just have some extra money at hand to spend on the latest trends, here is how to make money as a teen.

All these are true, but you still have to make sure that they know of your activities so that they can help you if any need arises. Money is not something to be played with, and a lot of people might take advantage of your age. You might need to have some guidance and security from your guardian to guarantee that you’re still insured in any way. More than that, they have government IDs and connections that you might not already have, so asking them for help is definitely a viable option!

Once you’ve already planned it out and decided to work, you have to first evaluate what you can and cannot do. You most probably have skills that you didn’t know you could monetize, so just make a mental list first then look through some job options available to you and see which ones are suitable. To give you a headstart, here are 20 easy ways to make money as a teen.

Some best ways to make money as a teen in Canada

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistance is one of the most in-demand jobs out there since a lot of new companies and/or individuals want an easy way to allocate their tasks to employees, in this case, you. It’s incredibly accessible to teenagers nowadays as all the materials you need are: a laptop, a stable internet connection, and a phone. 

You can find these jobs anywhere: Facebook, Linkedin, Upwork, and so many more. Unlike other jobs, virtual assistance doesn’t really require much experience or skill一you just have to be well-acquainted with technology and social media platforms. This is exactly why it’s one of the best options for teenagers.

If you become one, expect your work to be more on the organizational side: answering and composing emails, taking calls when your client is busy, booking appointments for their meetings, etc. Of course, these are only the most common ones. The specific job description will still be sent to you before you can take on the job and apply formally, and these tasks will all depend on your client’s profession. It is your job to assist them, after all.

Social Media Manager

It’s highly unlikely that you’ve never come across any social media platforms as a teenager. It has become such a significant part of people’s lives since these places are where we connect with our friends (and more!) and better yet, an outlet for self-expression. 

Because of social media’s overall popularity and audience, companies have started to invest in social media marketing instead of the traditional ways, so they would need experienced and highly knowledgeable people to hire and help them gather more customers to achieve a much more vast exposure. If you think that you’re proficient enough at handling your feed, engaging with the community, and overall building a following, this job is for you. 

Events Planner

This type of work requires a lot of communication and networking skills, so if you think that you can deliver in those aspects, you should definitely consider planning events. It would mostly be an organizational job since all you really have to do is execute what your client wants.

There may not be a bunch of job openings for this online, but you really don’t have to look far to land a job like this. You can ask your friends or family members if they’d like some help and compensate you for it. Moreover, it would be a steady and consistent job since people would never just stop throwing parties or celebratory events: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, reunions, etc.


You can definitely find a student who would need your help even as a high school or university student, whether that be in your school, church, or neighborhood. Here, you can schedule appointments with your student and manage your own time as well. It would usually be a fixed system wherein you set a number of hourly sessions per week. 

If you’d rather work from home, you can still find these opportunities online. Many tutoring services are hiring individuals from all across the globe. Then, you may find an international student who needs help with learning your language. For example, many English tutoring services assist Asian or European students to get proficient in the English language.

Lastly, you don’t have to be incredibly smart to become a tutor. The most important skills that you should have are actually communication and patience. Not everyone can be a teacher, and you should have the ability to connect with your students well to express yourself properly in such a way that they would understand. 


Caregivers are often associated with professional nurses and doctors, but really you don’t have to be in the medical field to become one. In this context, being a caregiver means that you’re temporarily taking care of or assisting another person who is incapable of looking after themselves.

If you’re incredibly patient and caring, you can be the neighborhood babysitter for when the kids’ parents are out for vacation and/or aid the elderly or differently-abled persons. Just be careful of the household that you’re getting into and make sure that you know them well enough since there may be predators and scams out there. 


If you’re passionate about writing, you can undoubtedly monetize your skills since it is one of the most in-demand jobs out there. You can either be an author, a copywriter, or a content writer. 

Authors are capable of writing whole books or e-books, but the genres and types would still depend on their chosen niche. For instance, fictional books often contain creative stories that would stem from your imagination, and nonfictional books could be about some personality that you admire. You can even write informational ones if you’re really into a field, but it would generally be harder for you to write those before you get a degree or license.

Copywriters take reference articles and spin them off into their own style. Essentially, you’d be using the information from already-written articles in the industry and synthesize or “copy” them into your own by changing the wording, sentence construction, or even adding some content. Doing this will ensure that you avoid plagiarizing someone else’s work.

Content writers are those who actually do their own research and create an original article of their own. You’d have to look for papers, news, or even testimonies to write and publish these. If you have a particular field in mind that you’re already an expert at, you can definitely invest your time in content writing. Otherwise, it would probably be a wiser decision to start with copywriting first since those are generally easier and less time-consuming.


You can also start your own blog as a writer, but you’d have to be consistent with your niche. Writing many articles that are associated with only you can be quite difficult, and there would probably be a lot of competitors on the platform, so focusing on one thing would really help you build your brand online.

If you get recognized enough, you can start earning money from just web traffic, meaning you earn more if more people come to read your content. You could also partner with different companies and brands to advertise their productsーalbeit discretelyーand get a commission or compensation for it.

Starting a blog could also be an investment since you’d have to consider website design and hosting fees. Search engine optimization could also take up a lot of your time, so a lot of bloggers actually choose to hire an assistant for it. Of course, all these would depend on your commitment and your brand’s size, so just keep these in mind.

Digital Artist

Being a freelance digital artist only requires little to no investment since you’d already have the materials for itーdrawing tablets, applications, laptops, etc. You also don’t need to worry about shipping costs since you can simply send your artwork to clients online.

Because it’ll all be easier for you to send your outputs, it would also mean that you would be more vulnerable to scams. Make sure to have at least a downpayment whenever you send something out and make your conditions clear to your client.

Traditional Artist

If you have the materials and time for it, you can also monetize your skills in traditional artーpainting, sketching, crochet, etc. It’ll be relatively easy for you to find some clients in your community, whether your family, friends, or neighbors. They’ll just tell you what they need, and you can execute it for them without shipping fees!

This type of work could also be susceptible to scams, but not as much as digital art. You can physically hold the products, making the clients more likely to pay you beforehand. Then, if you want to take it a step further, make your brand grow by creating a commissions page on social media or look for clients on freelancing platforms. It depends on what you prefer: would you rather make it a business or directly work for someone else?

Graphic Designer

Art isn’t limited to creating it with your bare hands. You could also have a knack for design, and that in itself is just as special. Becoming a graphic designer for clients would be one of the best and least time-consuming options for artists since there are many free graphic design platforms online like Canva and Adobe Spark. 

You should be capable of putting together elements and coordinating them in such a way that would be pleasing to the eye. In some instances, you’d also have to find modes to visually represent certain information that would otherwise not gather enough audience. 

Videographer or Video Editor

As a videographer, you can work in the filming process of certain events like documenting a child’s birthday party or a couple’s wedding. You could also sell your own videos as stock footage and generate passive income in the long run as well. All you would need is a high-quality filming camera and an eye for angles. 

If you don’t have the materials and/or skills for being a videographer, you can also just take the raw clips from your clients and edit them in the manner they like. Being a video editor could be extremely time-consuming, and you need the proficiency and skill at certain editing applications to execute them properly. More than that, you should still have an eye for videography to really create high-quality outputs.

Photographer or Photo Editor

Just like videographers, you can also work as a documenter for events by taking high-quality photos. More than that, a lot of photographers also work as marketers for companies by taking good shots of their products and advertising them on different platforms. 

If you can, you can also edit the product photos for them. You already have knowledge and expertise in angling and lighting, so you can definitely project your skills in these through editing someone else’s work. A lot of raw photos can transform tremendously just through the simple editing process.

Social Media Influencer

Gathering a large enough following on social media can make you lots of money since these platforms often pay their users for their accumulated viewership. Companies can also scout you for your talent in your niche一if you’re a photographer on Instagram, one of your followers could hire you for a project.

Simply endorsing products can also generate a significant amount of money depending on your conditions. You can charge a large sum of money with every post or mention, or you can also get a share of their net income through your influence一they can track how many people buy their products through you, and you can get a percentage of their sales. 

Web Designer

If you’re into maximizing user-interface (UI) design or user experience (UX) design, web designing could be for you! It’s incredibly on-demand since many smaller companies transitioning into online selling and start-ups launching new websites are sourcing web designers to assist them. 

You can use your programming and design knowledge from your high school or university classes to execute these for them. Plus, you don’t really have to be an expert in the field since there are many web design platforms out there that could give you templates and ideas on how to create the best site for your client. 

Personal Make-up Artist

Make-up is something that a lot of people don’t deem necessary or even have access to, and it takes a lot of practice and skill to master its art. Most people would not have enough patience and passion for it, so you can be their personal make-up artist for special occasions instead. 

You can share some of your skills and material with them for a price, and you’d just have to book appointments before your clients’ scheduled event, do their make-up for them, and earn off it. It’s a simple procedure, and it really doesn’t take much time at all, so just make sure that you can properly execute your clients’ needs to have a steady and safe experience. 

Dog Walker

Many dog breeds are high maintenance一they need to be fed a specific amount in intervals, bathed regularly, and walked for many hours each day. The typical 9-5 job would disable some dog owners to have the time and energy to take care of their pets, so instead, they look for someone else who could do it for them.

You can literally just walk a dog a few hours each week and get paid for it: your clients would be taking up your time, and you have to be compensated for it. Just set a fair price or hourly rate so that both your and your client’s resources are worth it. Plus, it’d be perfect if you’re a dog lover since it’s always nice to have one beside you, right?


If you have unique ideas that you think can generate some income, you can start a business from scratch. There are so many platforms you can start these nowadays, and you can very easilyーalbeit consistentlyーstart one from just your phone. You can use your social media accounts and network to advertise your products online, and you wouldn’t even need to pay for it. Just make sure that you’re passionate and commit to it since it would take a lot of time and energy out of you to stabilize. 

You can either create an online shop to save some utility and human resource fees, or you can go for it and rent out a physical store. It’s highly suggested that you start online marketing to test out the waters and see how well your products sell then take it a step further by investing in physical branches.

Engage in Dropshipping

You can still start a business without making your own products. Instead, you can source suppliers that can provide you with an inventory and build your brand through them. The system can be a give and take: you can buy their products every time a customer orders from you, and just raise the prices a bit. 

For example, you buy a dress for $20 then sell it for $25. You can earn the $5 allowance while giving your supplier sales and marketing as well. You’d be the middle ground between your customers and suppliers. 

Dropshipping really is a popular way to earn money amongst the teens as you wouldn’t need to cover shipping and production of items, and you also wouldn’t need a warehouse or inventory of goods. You simply buy then sell without much risk and investment.

Affiliate Marketer

If you want to sell products without actually starting a business and building your brand from scratch, you can engage in affiliate marketing. You can look for clients and gigs on affiliate marketplaces like Wealthy Affiliate and ClickBank, and you’d be able to sell their products for free!

They’ll give you a link that can track your performance and redirect prospective customers onto their official company site. Then, you just have to incorporate that link into a platform to draw an audience: your personal social media account, a blog, or a website. 

More often than not, your clients would give you a commission-based payment wherein you get a fair share per product or service you sell. You could also be paid based on the number of clicks on your affiliate link. It’ll all depend on your client’s conditions, so ensure that you read and understand them thoroughly.


There’s undoubtedly something in your room that you never touch anymore, whether that be an old dress from your closet or a dusty book on your shelf. You can still make use of them by making them a part of a business: since you don’t need them anymore, you can always just sell them to others for a cheaper price.

That way, you can sustainably dispose of your things while giving others the benefit of saving some money in the process. It’s a win-win for both sides, and you can save up the money to buy new necessities in the long run. 

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