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How to Make Money on Twitch

Twitch is a video game streaming website that was previously owned by Microsoft before transitioning to Facebook Gaming. Gaming platforms like Twitch and its competitive rival Amazon’s Twitch allow gamers to earn a living along with keeping their followers and supporters entertained. Knowing how to make money on Twitch can be challenging.

If you find Twitch more suited to your preferences and needs and you are considering it for your streaming, you may wonder how you can generate income from the platform. Read on to find out how you can earn money on Twitch.

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Increase Your Fan Following

Knowing how to create income on Twitch sounds easy, but the process needs commitment and productiveness. The only way to make money from your love for online gaming is to have a huge fan following. In fact, this is how you will also make money from the rest of the income-generating ways that will be listed in this article.

The first step to increase your followers is to establish your streaming channel and keep it running with entertaining and relevant content. Find your forte and then follow through with it. This way, you are more likely to establish a closely connected fan base. Ensure that you have high-quality equipment to produce excellent and superior content. High-quality streams will make your channel more interesting.

Having many followers will give you an opportunity to become a Twitch partner, attract sponsors, and get revenue from ads among other things. If your fan base is currently small, grow it by interacting with your fans. Thank them for following your content and make them feel they can become your friends. You will grow a healthy fan following and reach your fan base milestone that way.

Become a Partner on Twitch

Twitch offers a Twitch monetization program, which is a partner program that gives you the opportunity to make money on Twitch. Through this program, you can earn money through ad proceeds, and works just like the YouTube Partner Program that makes your content create income.

However, becoming a Twitch partner is more than earning money. The platform is also about growing and nurturing the connection between you and the platform. Once you become a partner, you get benefits such as emotes and a Pro status for free. Also, on top of getting dual streaming, priority support, and feedback, you can give away free Pro and subscription codes to whoever you wish once each month.

To get your registration as a partner reviewed, you need to meet the Twitch partner requirements. The requirements include having 2,000 or more followers on an account that is two months old or older. Also, your channel must have 12 or more streams per month, to total 25 hours of streaming every month.

Once you meet these metrics, you still need to pass the platform’s quality review. Twitch will look at the quality of your channel and reject channels that lack uniqueness, community building, and professionalism among other things.

If you already have an established brand on a different platform, like YouTube or Twitch, you can contact Twitch for special consideration. In some cases, Twitch makes special exemptions for industry-related establishments or celebrities.

Upgrade Your Equipment

You need the right equipment to make your channel look outstanding and keep your fans interested. In a world where every person is streaming, an expert-looking setup will sure make you stand out from your competition. The goal is to make your channel look more professional to elevate your streaming experience as well as that of your fans.

The gear to upgrade includes getting a good webcam, adequate lighting, and a green screen. Also, you may want to consider utilizing a capture card to lessen the stress on your streaming PC. The capture card will also produce far better images when capturing gameplay and streaming.

Find the right audio mixing equipment for streaming here.

Attract More Viewership on Your Stream

This is about how to get viewers on Twitch. The must-dos of streaming on Twitch is creating a schedule and then sticking to it. Can you imagine going to the movie theatre without knowing in advance, the time your favorite movie will air? Without a clear schedule, you will not know when the film will play and you cannot get any of your friends to commit to going to the theatre with you.

The same rule applies to Twitch. You have to make a plan around your gaming patterns. Once you create a pattern, follow through with it to create a routine in the journey of your followers. This will give your viewers something to wait for.

Along with that, remember to put communication with your viewers ahead of anything else. Keep tabs on your chat room, leave it open as regularly as possible, and welcome every person who joins the following, thank them and make conversation to keep your channel active. Do not get bots or spam spectators, they will not help you grow your channel and brand.

Get Brand Sponsorships

Many streamers swear by earning money from sponsorships compared to other options. With brand sponsorships, companies pay you to advertise their brand or products or earn a commission if a product sells through your posted link.

If your content is entertaining, it will capture the eye of interested companies that will reach out to you and propose a deal. However, if you are a beginner, you may have to reach out to the companies and influence them to sponsor your stream.

Do some research before reaching out to a company. That is because you do not want to enter into contracts merely for the sake of it. Make sure you read the agreement thoroughly to avert any misunderstandings in the future.

Set Up a Page for Donations

One of the easiest ways to generate income in Twitch is to ask for tips or donations from your fans. If you have built trust with your viewers, you can expect to get donations from them once in a while.

You need to use a third-party service or app to get the donations. Apps and services like Patreon, PayPal, and Streamlab are well-known among gamers. The process involves creating an account in the app and you will get donations via the apps every month. Post a link in your stream’s description box to inform viewers of the link through which they can donate to you.

Certainly, you should have something to give your donors in exchange for their kindness. You can gift your donors with benefits such as access to private group chats, exclusive content, movie nights, Q&A sessions, and planning giveaways among others. This will attract more donations and the more the donors get more access, the more they will give.

Get the Direct Purchase Program Going

Do not feel disheartened if donations are not bringing in enough revenue for your channel. You can make money by advertising the game you are playing. The Direct Purchase Program on Twitch allows your followers to buy whatever you are streaming by clicking the item from a shared link.

You can share links to your gaming equipment or the game you are streaming on Twitch. If a follower buys the gear or game, you earn a 5% commission. Any game purchased through your channel will make you money.

Use Bits

Bits are ways to have your community cheer and engage with you. The bits are worth real money and can add up over a month.

Have Your Followers Use Skills

Skills are a form of digital currency that allows viewers to buy and send gifs, stickers, and similar effects on a stream. Every time a viewer uses a Skill, you earn a monetary benefit. Even though the proceed is quite small, and you have to be a Twitch partner to enjoy that benefit, the money you earn from Skills can top up what you have.

Skills bring life to a stream by allowing viewers to express themselves through stickers which are like detailed emojis, as well as support their favorite Twitch streamer. Skills are reorganized on a regular basis and there is always a new Skill to uncover and use.

Sell Merchandise That Promotes Your Channel

If you are still wondering how to earn money on Twitch, you can sell products that promote your content to scale up the revenue. Products such as coffee mugs, hoodies, caps, and t-shirts with your logo will up the sales.

Otherwise, you can tailor-make the goods as you please. Get in touch with an artist who can make designs that align with your viewers, and therefore, easy to sell. Find competitive online stores that will be good and worthwhile places to sell your merchandise.



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