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How to Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate Right Away

Wealthy Affiliate has made a name for itself in recent years, being the most prominent it has ever been since its foundation in 2005. They’ve been catering to over 2,300,000 members worldwide, an astonishing achievement for a company that has only been running for around 15 years. The reason for that is because they help people make money. And if you read this guide, you will know how to make money with Wealthy Affiliate right away.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform that serves as a training ground for small entrepreneurs, affiliates, and writers alike to explore and learn more about their chosen niches and professions. It offers an online training program that gives its members some tutorials and step-by-step guides on utilising their skills and resources to make money with Wealthy Affiliate right awayーand successfully at that.

The platform itself is also a marketplace for its members and audience as they also create websites catered to their members. If a member would like to start making sites without any experience or skills in it whatsoever, Wealthy Affiliate can host their website in the meantime. They can also give you the option to input your own keywords that you think will attract some traffic, so you don’t need to have any coding or programming skills whatsoever. 

How to sign-up for Wealthy Affiliate?

You can find the registration page through the official Wealthy Affiliate website. There, you can input your name and email address, then create a username and password. You don’t need to put any bank details or other payment methods since registration is entirely free! 

Being a starter member, one with a free account, can give you access to tutorials, two website domains, and the ability to be a part of Wealthy Affiliate’s programs. It really isn’t a bad deal, and there aren’t any hidden payments that you have to look out for. If you want to go a step further, though, you can apply for the premium membership.

The premium membership gives you a more comprehensive array of tutorials, and your commissions in referral and affiliate programs will be much higher as well. You’d have everything that the starter members have, but just in larger values. To subscribe to this membership, you would need to pay a monthly fee of $49 or $359 annually. 

How to Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate

Referral system

Even when you’re entirely new to the platform, you can already earn money just by inviting your friends to register as well. You’d get some commission depending on your membership, and you will get your share monthly.

For starter members

  • Per registration for a premium account: $4 on the first month 
    • (The commission is a bit lower than usual as there is usually a promotion for new members.)
  • Commission for the succeeding months: $11.75 per month

For premium members

  • Per registration for a free account: $1 
  • Per registration for a premium account: $8.00 on the first month
    • (The commission is a bit lower than usual as there is usually a promotion for new members.)
  • Commission for the succeeding months: $23 per month
  • Commission when your referred members purchase a domain: $1

Choosing the Right Niche for Wealthy Affiliate

Before you explore any of the tips and ways to make money with Wealthy Affiliate, you have to pick a niche that you want to commit to first. Find out what interests you the most, then do your research if it’s really profitable in the market. 

Online store

If you’re an entrepreneur wanting to get some help or guidance from Wealthy Affiliate, you can use their programs and tutorials to learn how to market your products and services online. There are so many ways you can do it, and you will need to master each and every one to stand out in a competitive industry.

You don’t need to invest in much when you’re just starting as well, as you would be able to bring traffic to your store even without Google or Facebook ads. Wealthy Affiliate can teach you how to optimize your store in such a way that brings people to it instead of bringing it to the people. 

Especially since we’re in the digital age, so many more people want to buy online instead of from outlets and physical stores as this is more convenient and much quicker. Take advantage of this and start creating your online store now. There really isn’t much to be apprehensive of: as mentioned, Wealthy Affiliate will guide you every step of the way.

SEO sites

You don’t need goods and services to earn money online一simply creating web traffic can effectively bring some to your hands.

As mentioned above, Wealthy Affiliate can teach you how to do search engine optimization, in which you take advantage of certain keywords in particular niches to bring people onto your websites. 

If you use this method effectively, search engines like Google, Bing, Ecosia, and others, will put your website on the first page of the search results when someone looks the topic up. It all depends on how broad or specific your keywords are. It’s better to pick the ones with minor to moderate attraction so that your website can still be exposed. Remember that this is a competitive industry, so there may be thousands of websites with the same topic as yours. 

Blog Website

If you’re a writer, you can definitely monetize your skills by writing blogs. They don’t necessarily have to market something or be ones that are formal. You can literally write about what inspires, motivates, and interests you.

This method is actually quite effective as you can, no doubt, keep writing about something you’re truly passionate about. It would be much easier for you to continue and stay consistent in the long run.

Affiliate Websites

If you don’t particularly want to write informally, you can also create marketing websites that can attract your readers with unique and compelling content. You can bring never-before-seen ideas to the internet, and these can surely become viral right away.

You can also bring the researcher out of you and write informative websites that can certainly educate and train others in your chosen topics. Whether that be academic or general knowledge, you can still gather an audience depending on the effectiveness of your writing.

Joining the Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program

You can still sell money online without any type of investment or inventory. All you have to do is market others’ products and services, and you can earn money right away. Wealthy Affiliate offers an affiliate program wherein its members can become online marketers in their chosen niches.

You can explore the Wealthy Affiliate community and browse through what you’re interested in, and then you can reach out to those shops’ owners. They can give you shares or commission each time you sell their products, and the best part is, you don’t need to pay a fee whatsoever!

You will most likely be given a unique link that can track your orders, sales, clicks, and any other metric that can verify your performance. That way, you can have a safe and healthy relationship with the shops’ owners since everything will be systematic. They can’t question you, and you wouldn’t have to worry about your work being thrown away.

Becoming a tutor

Since Wealthy Affiliate has a tutoring or training program for its members, you can create your own videos and guide others. This method will be the most effective if you have already been on the platform for a while, and you can simply share what you’ve learned over the years. 

There won’t be a fixed pay for this, too, since Wealthy Affiliates will evaluate the content you produce. They will look at its effectiveness and accuracy, so make sure that you cross-check all the information you put out there. You should also keep in mind that your tutorials have to be engaging as well to really maximize it and encourage new members to watch.

How Much Money Can You Make with Wealthy Affiliate?

There are also so many ways you can earn money online, and you may be wondering: is Wealthy Affiliate worth it? The answer is simple: it’s only worth it if you try. The effort and commitment that you will invest in the method you picked will dictate how much money you can earn. 

It’s rare to earn a ton of money right away, and you will have to keep pushing yourself to your limits. Find out what works best, and improve your marketing and products to really maximize your potential. You may also encounter a lot of difficulties in your journey, especially at the beginning of it all, but always remember that it is possible to make money with Wealthy Affiliate. 

They can give you the information, training, and assistance to start, but it will all be up to you once you’ve finished their program. Whenever you feel unmotivated, you can always remind yourself that if other people can do it, you can too. There are so many Wealthy Affiliate success stories online that you can check out, but don’t try to be like them. Build your own brand, and be an exemption.


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