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Is Earn And Go Legit? 2021 Review

Earn And Go is a website that has recently gained traction over 2019 for claiming that it’s a great platform to earn money almost passively. But is Earn and Go Legit? On the platform, you can literally do the most menial tasks like answer surveys and watch videos, then get paid for it! It’s also completely free to register, so the offer is clearly enticing if you’re someone finding a way to make some extra cash on the side

It almost seems too good to be true: pay nothing and get paid for a few minutes of your time. The makers claim that you can hold some money in your account for a while and then do a cashout every once in a while. There are some hidden fees, too, to do some other tasks that are “locked.” Still, people think it’s an investment worth the pay.

Is Earn And Go Legit? What is this Message?

The question remains: is Earn And Go a legit website to earn money off of? Absolutely not. It is too good to be true, and the website is actually designed to sound like a scam. Realistically, it’s really going to be almost impossible to earn a significant amount of money in any honest work without investing a decent amount of effort into it.

Earn And Go feeds off of people’s need for money, providing them with this really great “offer,” only to trick them into engaging in it. If you’re still reluctant to believe what we’re claiming without proof, we’ve compiled both other people’s and our own findings to convince you further that Earn And Go really isn’t a legit site.

History and background

Earn And Go claims that the website was founded in the year 2015, but as some people looked through the actual website domain, they were able to figure out that the Earn And Go site was actually published on October 18, 2019. This alone already rung the warning bells as Earn And Go has clearly faked their brand to seem more reliable to the audience一being four years old is better than being brand new, after all. 

More than that, there isn’t factual information about the company’s owners and founders, too. There’s supposed to be an “About Us” page about the whole executive board or at least a company representative, but Earn And Go doesn’t offer any of that. Who would you turn to if ever there is a problem with your transactions? 

They do, however, have a “Contact” page, but the information they put is also fake. Both of their email addresses for concerns or inquiries don’t even exist, which means you can’t send messages to them. Again, an honest and working company should always have a contact network to connect with their audience. 

Payments and hidden fees

You need to earn at least $50 from tasks to get your first paycheck, but some tasks actually require you to give them your phone number for newsletter subscriptions, which could result in extra fees on your end. Some jobs even have the audacity to ask for your credit card or bank details for a “faster payout,” but this obviously is unsafe. Don’t just give away this information since you could make your finances vulnerable to hacking. 

The actual payout system is also faulty. They say that you can cash out the money you’ve accumulated any time as long as it’s at least $50, wait for a while (depending on their expected date), then get your earned funds. So many people have testified that this is actually false and that Earn And Go never gave them their money. No, it’s not about them being delayed. They never received the money even months after the payout date, so it’s really safe to assume that Earn And Go never intended to pay them in the first place. 

Misinformation and false advertisement 

If you noticed the reviews or testimonies page on websites, the company usually picks out the best ones to entice the viewers to participate or buy their products. Above that, they also choose the most influential or popular names for the extra advertisement to really catch the audience’s attention.

That’s precisely what Earn And Go did, except their testimonials are fake. They used famous Instagram personalities’ names and attached them to pre-written testimonials to make it seem like good people have actually tried out their services. Now, how exactly do we know these were fake? 

Well, we, for one, actually messaged these Instagram personalities if they’ve really tried out the site. It was perfect timing since the issue on the site’s legitness is actually blowing up at that moment. They recognized the situation and claimed that they’ve never tried out Earn And Go before. 

More than that, some TikTok and Youtube users with a large following were actually paid to create fake content and advertise the product in a way that made it seem like they were avid users (and earned hundreds of thousands of dollars). They sent us screenshots of Earn And Go claiming that they’d pay $30-$50 if they do make some content. While this one isn’t wholly on the website makers, they still had a hand in the whole “faking-the-content” aspect of it, so we should still hold them accountable.

If this information isn’t already discouraging, Earn And Go also claimed to be rated “The #1 Social Network” by Forbes, which couldn’t be more wrong. After looking through websites and published material, Forbes never even gave them the title. You can check this yourself: just Google “Forbes and Earn And Go” to see for yourself.

Is Earn and Go Legit? – Our Conclusion

If you’re looking for a side gig you can partake in without much commitment but still earn large amounts of money through it, Earn And Go genuinely isn’t even a choice you should consider. You have to remember that there really is no such thing as “easy money” in society nowadays, and while there may be more demanding jobs than others, they’re all honest work that deserves the pay they get. 

In Earn And Go, however, the website makers just convince both a toxic mentality to its audience and scam them into participating in the whole service. It’s really a lose-lose situation for everyone but the group of people who dare to create this platform. 

Instead of looking for a site that quickly sends out money without transparency and proof of payment, you can invest your time in proper side hustles. We understand that it’s really hard to find some side gigs with so much competition worldwide, but we believe that with proper practice, you can do it with no problem. Just be careful about the information you consume, and always cross-check anything you come across that seems too good to be true. 



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