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Shakepay Review – This App Gives Free Bitcoin!

For those of you that have never tried Shakepay, you are missing out. This app provides Canadians with an opportunity to safely buy and sell Bitcoin. It also allows you to buy and sell Etherium. While that on the surface sounds rather unspectacular, the beauty of Shakepay is in the shaking. And this awesome aspect has led us to share this Shakepay review on how it gives free money to Canadians.

Everyday, you are able to shake you phone once, and you will be given free Bitcoins. Yes that’s right, you simply need to shake your phone and you get Bitcoins. The number is small (usually between 50 cents to a dollar per day), but it definitely adds up quickly. Plus, the longer your streak is, the more Bitcoins you get per shake!

But Shakepay doesn’t stop there. They also provide you with ten dollars for free, just for signing up. Now there is a caveat, you will need to deposit $100 to receieve the $10. However, think about it this way, you get 10% back instantly. on a 100 dollar investment You then get the ability to shake your phone and get more Bitcoins! You

That’s why we said that Shakepay gives you free money, because it truly does! If you were to shake every day for a year, you will have easily made $100. Plus, it’s not as if that $100 is locked in there forever. Shakepay lets you deposit and withdraw instantly. And it is all done through e-transfers. So any major bak you use will be compatible.

Shakepay FAQs

Are There Any ShakePay Referal Codes for Canadians?

Yes, click this link to get $10 for signing up! It will also allow you to shake and get free bitcoins every day.

What Coins Can You Buy on ShakePay?

You can currently buy Bitcoin and Etherium on Shakepay

Are There Any Fees on ShakePay?

There are no fees for depositing, withdrawing, or buying or selling!

Is Shakepay Safe?

Yes! We have withdrew money from them countless times. Money to and from are done with e-transfers. So it will be compatible with most big Canadian Banks.

If you are interested in ShakePay, click here and get $10 for signing up!

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